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One Firm / Formidable Talent

Jones Day is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and offers each of its lawyers the opportunity to join a collaborative team that works across borders and practices.  We seek lawyers who are committed to delivering the best service possible to our clients. Our lawyers take great pride in their work, they lack pretension, and they show respect and consideration to everyone in the Firm—partners, associates, and staff—alike. Learn more about a career at Jones Day.

Worldwide Recognition

Lit Dept Of 2018 011918 Copy

Litigation Department of the Year – 2018

Jones Day wins The American Lawyer’s Litigation Department of the Year for 2018.  Learn more.

Acritas Law Firm Brand Index USE

#1 Law Firm Brand
For the third straight year, Jones Day ranks #1 in the Acritas U.S. Law Firm Brand Index, which ranks the top law firm brands in the United States. The survey asked more than 600 U.S. based general counsel, and more than 150 general counsel outside the United States, to name their top-of-mind law firms across multiple categories.

BTI Number One In Client Service

#1 in Client Service
For the third straight year, Jones Day ranks #1 in BTI Consulting Group's 2019 Client Service A-Team report.  The report assesses how clients rank and compare 295 law firms in the critical area of client service, measuring 17 different client service activities. 

Learn more about our Recognitions.  

Pro Bono

Pro Bono 1

Jones Day Lawyers Advise Women and Children Seeking Refuge

Jones Day Lawyers Advise Women and Children Seeking Refuge Jones Day lawyers and summer associates help in the immigration crisis of unaccompanied children and women fleeing violence in Central America to U.S. borders. The Firm continues to send teams of lawyers to military bases and detention facilities where immigrants are held to help screen cases for representation. We have represented hundreds of women and children across the country, protecting their legal rights. For this work, Jones Day was named a recipient of the American Bar Association's 2015 Pro Bono Publico Award

In March 2017, Jones Day established a full-time presence near Laredo, Texas, aiming to provide representation to women with claims for immigration relief in the Laredo detention facility. The firm selected Laredo as the site for this innovative project because the detention facility houses a substantial population of women with claims for immigration relief arising from the gender- or gang-related persecution they faced in their countries of origin. Prior to Jones Day’s presence in Laredo, these detainees had no access to free legal services. 

Jones Day’s presence in Laredo has radically expanded the access of detainees to legal assistance. The firm’s attorneys offer "Know Your Rights" presentations to detained women and then meet with as many of the women who request an interview as possible to screen their cases for full representation. To date, Jones Day has engaged over 200 clients out of Laredo, assisting them with their legal needs inside the detention facility, including by representing them at Master Calendar and bond hearings, and—for those women who are not eligible for release—by handling the expedited trials to adjudicate their claims for immigration relief. To the extent that Jones Day’s clients are released, the firm’s representation continues in the jurisdiction to which they relocate. Jones Day attorneys have obtained the release of over 130 clients pending trial.

Learn more.


Chambers Divesity Same Sex Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships Guide  
Jones Day launched and maintains a website that comprehensively surveys and tracks changes in laws governing the legal recognition of same-sex relationships around the world. Lawyers and summer associates have been involved in developing and maintaining this resource. For this work, Jones Day received the ABA Pro Publico Award and the inaugural Diversity at the Chambers USA Awards for Excellence. The site is available for use without charge.


Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement  

Perspectives And Pathways 1L Diversity Conference Graphic 1
At Jones Day, diversity is not only enthusiastically embraced, but diligently pursued. Diversity makes us better and helps us deliver the service our clients expect. By mentoring and promoting women, people of color, members of the LGBT community, and those who are disabled, we leverage the unique strength and experiences of an exceptionally talented group of attorneys, while improving the atmosphere of our Firm.

Perspectives & Pathways: Jones Day 1L Diversity Conference
Jones Day hosts “Perspectives and Pathways,” our annual 1L Diversity Conference. Bringing together Jones Day lawyers, Firm clients, and first-year law students. There are many different pathways to success; our goal is to help law students find theirs.

Women and Lawyers of Color in Leadership

We are committed to making meaningful progress on diversity in the legal profession, to increasing diversity awareness within the Firm, and to recruiting, retaining, and promoting the best attorneys and law students from all backgrounds. Women and/or lawyers of color hold 11 of our 20 combined office and regional leadership positions in the United States, and 30 of the 52 office and regional leadership positions worldwide.  Learn more.

SEO Career Logo Sponsors for Educational Opportunities (SEO)
Jones Day has partnered with and continues to help expand Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO). "No law firm accepts SEO interns in as many cities as Jones Day. The Firm has been a leader in the expansion of the program…" William Goodloe, President and CEO of SEO. Learn more.


Jones Day is a global institution that not only transcends national borders, but is unified by the commitment of our lawyers to the advancement of the rule of law and the universal principles of justice that underlie the law in all the jurisdictions in which we advise clients.  One of the most important manifestations of this commitment is that our lawyers come to us from all over the world. We have 43 offices in 18 countries on five continents. Our lawyers are citizens of 54 countries; they speak 59 languages. They have been trained in scores of law schools; they’ve served in the military, in government, in the judiciary, in academia, and in the corporate world. They truly reflect the entirety of the human race. And they are One Firm Worldwide because they are dedicated to providing exceptional client service by developing their full potential as lawyers and by recognizing and supporting the talents of their colleagues. The lawyers at Jones Day are leaders who know that their talent and hard work will create opportunity that will itself produce success for them, for the Firm, and most importantly, for our clients.  Learn more.

Associate Opportunities, Training & Development

US Newlawyersgroup

New Lawyers Group

As with all relationships, we believe it takes some time for an individual to find his or her personal fit within the Firm and passion for a specific practice. That uncertainty and the value of experiencing a variety of assignments and practices during that first year at the Firm led Jones Day to establish the New Lawyers Group. It guarantees exposure to a wide variety of lawyers, practice areas, styles of practice, and the experience of practicing within our culture of collaboration and mutual support.

Training 1

Training and Development 

Jones Day recognizes that your development into an exceptional lawyer is a journey that starts the first day you walk in the door and continues throughout your career. The Firm provides ongoing professional development and training opportunities to lawyers at every level of practice. 

OFWW Graphic

New Lawyers Academy

One of the high points of the new lawyer year is the New Lawyers Academy in Washington, DC. Each fall, new lawyers assemble from our more than 40 offices around the world to meet and network with each other. Firm leaders, partner, and associates teach the new lawyers about Jones Day's culture, history, organization, and achievements and lead substantive and interactive training sessions.