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Kobre & Kim is an international law firm focused exclusively on cross-border disputes and investigations. With offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin islands, in addition to U.S. offices in Miami, New York, DC and San Francisco, Kobre & Kim continues to live up to its reputation as a go-to firm for complex cross-border dispute resolution. Many of our attorneys have local legal knowledge and our team fluent in more than a dozen languages. Though we are a global firm, we are committed to maintaining a close-knit and team-oriented atmosphere where attorneys from each of our offices work together to provide clients an integrated advocacy team that addresses all aspects of cross-border matters. 

International Experience Across All Practice Areas

Our cases are fast-paced and cutting edge and our attorneys have an in-depth proficiency navigating the laws that are most often at issue in international cases. Since our attorneys based in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Caribbean regularly work together, they have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with foreign legal systems and the complex legal issues that arise when matters involve multiple jurisdictions.  In addition, we do not assign attorneys to one particular practice area.  As a result, attorneys typically work on cases across various practice areas, giving them exposure to and experience with a diverse set of legal topics and issues.

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Working on the Heart of the Matter

Our approach to cases involves an aggressive, trial ready strategy that allows us to advocate on behalf of our clients from the strongest position possible.  To enable our attorneys to focus on this litigation-oriented model, we employ a team of analysts to work along-side our attorneys to provide support with case work.  Attorneys are then able to place their attention on executing case strategies including writing briefs and motions, taking depositions and appearing in court.  

The Benefit of “Conflict-free”

By avoiding repeat client relationships, and the conflicts of interest that come with them, we maintain our independence as advocates ready to litigate against virtually any institution. With a select number of overall clients, our attorneys have an opportunity to gain insight and understanding into all the matters the firm is handling.  Our special counsel model means there is a client base which is highly diverse, allowing numerous opportunities for advancement within the firm.  Across the firm, many of the our partners have been promoted from within.

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Kobre & Kim’s Legal Analyst Program

Kobre & Kim is recognized industry-wide for its innovative Analyst Program, which has now grown to over 40 Analysts across the firm’s offices. Kobre & Kim employs analysts to work alongside our lawyers in both the investigative phase of cases as well as in the actual litigation. Working under the supervision of the firm's counsel, our analysts provide research, knowledge and insight into sophisticated markets and a broad suite of highly specialized financial products.

About the Legal Analyst Program

The Analyst position constitutes an excellent opportunity to gain substantive, hands-on experience in the dynamic fields of complex civil and criminal financial litigation. Analysts immediately join case teams and benefit from close collaboration with the firm's attorneys, enjoying levels of responsibility and client contact surpassing those offered at other firms.

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