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At a Glance


“Getting to go to trial with world-class trial lawyers.”

“My colleagues are supportive and very talented.”


“Multiple trials in one year can be exhausting.”

“We staff our teams very leanly, so the hours are intense.”

About Wilkinson Stekloff

Wilkinson Stekloff is a high-stakes litigation firm headquartered in Washington, DC, with additional offices in Los Angeles and New York City. The firm can count its age on one hand, but it’s hardly a fledgling—Wilkinson Stekloff has soared from the start, achieving success after success in the courtroom. Within two months of its founding, the firm had already won its first major trial, defeating a $1.5 billion class action on behalf of Philip Morris.

A 21st Century Firm

Wilkinson Stekloff was founded in January 2016 by a group of former BigLaw litigators to focus on winning high-stakes trials. Based on the firm’s success in just its first four years, Benchmark Litigation has twice named Wilkinson Stekloff the “Boutique Firm of the Year,” praising the firm as a “litigator’s dream shop.” Today, founding members Beth Wilkinson (former American Lawyer Litigator of the Year) and Brian Stekloff continue to lead the firm forward. The duo is joined by a formidable team of lawyers, including former federal prosecutors and former Supreme Court clerks.

No Limits

Wilkinson Stekloff’s experience includes antitrust, class actions, products liability, and sports matters. But the firm doesn’t box its lawyers into practice groups. According to the firm, it “can litigate any case, anytime, anywhere.” In just four short years, the firm’s lawyers have already tried more than 20 cases to verdict. Among the firm’s clients are such household names as Bayer, Facebook, FedEx, George-Pacific, Monsanto, the NCAA, the NFL, and Pfizer.

The firm also maintains a commitment to pro bono, with 90 percent of its lawyers taking on some type of pro bono work in the past year. Its work has included domestic violence, employment discrimination, and incarceration reduction—to name some.

Stand Up

The firm isn’t just focused on winning cases, however. It prides itself in “developing the next generation of trial lawyers.” And that means getting on your feet. Since the firm’s founding, nearly a quarter of its attorneys have served as first or second chair at trial. And attorneys are actively encouraged to gain stand-up experience through pro bono matters. 

Similarly, the firm thinks outside the box when it comes to client needs, eschewing the typical billable model for individualized billing methods. The firm’s goal is to offer clients value and predictability when it comes to billing. Among the firm’s arrangements are monthly retainers, flat fees, and success-based fees.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has posed a challenge for every business, but Wilkinson Stekloff has continued to recruit successfully over the past year, with the only major change to recruiting being that interviews are done over video rather than in person. In 2021, we recruited our largest incoming associate class. Effective June 1, 2021, the firm fully reopened all offices.

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Why Work Here

Want To Be A Trial Lawyer?

Then you’ve come to the right place Wilkinson Stekloff is an elite trial boutique, committed to two things—litigating the most significant trials throughout the nation, and developing the next generation of trial lawyers.

What does that mean for you?  It means you’ll see courtrooms and client meetings yourself, rather than just hearing about them from senior associates and partners.  You’ll get active encouragement and guidance on how to build your own skill set, rather than just focusing on making others look good.  You won’t just be in the rooms where it happens—you’ll be helping make wins happen.

Wilkinson Stekloff

2001 M Street, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 847-4000

Firm Stats

Managing Partner: James Rosenthal
Total No. Attorneys (2021):
1 - 50
No. of Partners Named 2021:

Base Salary

1st year: $205,000
2nd year: $215,000
3rd year: $240,000
4th year: $275,000
5th year: $305,000
6th year: $330,000
7th year: $350,000
8th year: $365,000
9th year: $365,000
Summer Associate: $205,000 (prorated)

Employment Contact

Kieran Gostin, Partner
Moira Penza, Partner
(202) 847-4000

No. of U.S. Offices: 3

No. of International Offices: 0

Major Office Locations

Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Washington, DC (HQ)

Major Departments