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Employee Spotlight

  Ivan Robles: My favorite thing about the work that we do is having the opportunity to partner with elite clients. Even as a boutique firm, we’re still able to work on projects with some of the world’s largest and most admired companies. It’s rewarding to see a new change or launch from a client and know that it was informed by the data and strategy that our team delivered. If a potential client is focused on change and growth, they know to bring Kaiser in.
  Christina Wu: I enjoy that I have been able to make an impact on projects from the beginning of my time at Kaiser. I can see the value of my efforts when we pull together the final product, even through small contributions. I think Kaiser gives a huge leg up to consultants by allowing them to be client-facing at all levels of tenure.
  Al Torabi: Kaiser is different from other firms because we’re non-hierarchical - I’ve been able to have a range of interactions with colleagues from SVP to intern level. This has been a great opportunity for exposure to role models and mentors beyond my day-to-day project team.
  Jason Shim: Because we have a limited travel model at Kaiser, we’re able to build relationships with co-workers that transcends just sitting next to each other. Another aspect that I’ve really enjoyed about Kaiser is working on projects with repeat clients. It's clear that Kaiser is an integral part of their business operations beyond just being consultants.
  Krysta Villeda: As someone who has been at the firm for 5 years, it’s been great to see and experience the significance of my contribution to projects at every level. I also appreciate the Kaiser’s responsiveness to employees needs around development opportunities and firm initiatives.
  Maria Kopyta: What has always struck me is the fact that while we're a smaller firm we do extensive work for the world’s most admired companies. Our work is also international in nature - it really surprised me when I came here and it holds true for a lot of our projects.


Recruiting FAQ

How is working at Kaiser, a small boutique, different from working at one of the big consultancies?

  • There are a couple of key differentiators between Kaiser and bigger consultancies. The boutique environment offers more opportunity and growth potential earlier on than bigger firms. You’ll have more exposure to client-facing interactions, accelerated promotion and development opportunities and leadership is easily accessible. One main differentiator is the lack of travel at Kaiser, Kaiser consultants generally travel less than their peers.

What kind of training will I get when I start at Kaiser?

  • Kaiser offers a comprehensive onboarding training to introduce new hires to Kaiser’s core consulting skills. During your first 18 months, consultants will participate in a variety of individual and group trainings with Kaiser employees. As you reach 18 months of tenure, you’ll be eligible to take advantage of external development opportunities with an annual professional development budget. 

What are the hours like at Kaiser?

  • Kaiser business hours are 9-5:30pm, however these hours may will fluctuate based on project workload.

Do I have control over what practices I work with?

  • If you are hired into Kaiser’s Cross Practice, you’ll have to opportunity to work in a variety of practice areas.  As consultants reach 12 mos. of tenure, they have the opportunity to align to one of our 7 practice areas.

What's Cross Practice and how is it different from Aligned? 

  • Cross Practice consultants will have the opportunity to work across our 7 practices, whereas Aligned resources only work with one specific practice. Aligned resources typically possess a level of subject matter expertise. 

Does Kaiser sponsor visas? What are your policies for international applicants?

  • Unfortunately, Kaiser is unable to provide sponsorship for international applicants.

What is a case interview, and how should I prepare?

  • A case interview is an analysis of a business question. The interview will be very interactive and the key is to remember that it’s not being right or wrong, but how you arrive at the solution.
  • Practice is very important for a case interview, especially if this is your first one. During the interview there’s a few important things to keep in mind: take notes, identify a framework that will help you structure the problem, think before you speak and most importantly ask questions for clarification.

How frequently do you travel?

  • Kaiser challenges the Monday – Thursday paradigm of client travel, which in many cases does not deliver value for cost to our clients. Kaiser consultants travel and work at the client site as often as necessary to deliver our engagement objectives and to meet our client business and budget needs. Some activities are most efficiently and effectively performed at the client site, but other activities are best performed in Kaiser’s own offices and without any travel cost to our client. While travel requirements vary by engagement, Kaiser consultants generally travel less than their peers. More time in the Kaiser office creates a closer bond between Kaiser employees and great opportunities for should-to-shoulder collaboration. More nights at home allow us to restore for the challenging work that lies ahead.

 Employee Wellness and Opportunities

Kaiser is committed to ensuring that every consultant has the resources necessary to succeed while maintaining personal and professional balance. We support wellness in the workplace in a number of ways, including providing healthy snacks in the office, an on-site fitness facility and classes, a generous time off policy, and continually refining a robust benefits package.

From your first day at Kaiser, you are assigned an onboarding advisor to answer your questions and serve as a sounding board as you ramp-up. After your first three months, you will have the opportunity to partner with a formal mentor. Your mentor serves as a guide for your career development throughout your time at the firm.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to capitalize on years of experience, Kaiser offers unparalleled opportunities. Kaiser employees can participate in a transatlantic exchange program, allowing employees in our Washington, DC office to relocate to Kaiser’s London Office (and vice-versa) for a period of 6-12 months. Additionally, after demonstrating strong performance at the Manager level, employees may apply for sponsorship in an MBA program. If approved, Kaiser Associates will provide financial sponsorship of up to 100% of tuition costs for participation in an executive or full-time program.