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At a Glance


“Ability to shape your own career, international opportunities.”

“Exposure to very relevant projects that have a big impact in top companies of the region.”

“Offers a steep learning curve and countless opportunities to push beyond my boundaries/comfort zones.”


“Growing very quickly limits focus on training for new recruits.”

“Not enough brand recognition...”

“The lack of a powerful alumni network...”

The Buzz

“Always quoted on mergers/acquisitions.”

“Good reputation worldwide.”

“Seems like a stiff but competent company.”

About Kearney Europe

As a consultancy, Kearney has a rich heritage that dates to the 1920s, with the founding of McKinsey & Company and the arrival of consulting as a profession. James Oscar McKinsey set up his original firm in Chicago in 1926, and one of the first partners hired three years later was a gentleman by the name of Andrew Thomas Kearney. Following McKinsey's death in 1939, the firm's two offices-one in New York and one in Chicago-split, with Kearney taking the latter and focusing the company's attention on operations and manufacturing.

Today, that one small Chicago office has grown into a giant of a firm, with a truly global reach; it has offices in more than 40 countries across the world. As it has grown over its plus 90-year history, the company has diversified its operations. Now boasting a workforce of some 3,600 employees, it proudly focuses on what it calls "CEO-agenda concerns," a list that ranges from M&A, growth, and digital transformation, to supply chain management, technology, innovation, and complexity.

The firm’s global strategic vision is to foster a culture that will help build the firm’s capabilities and, as a result, best serve their clients. Kearney has tightened its focus on its established strengths (strategic operations and strategic transformation, digitization of legacy processes, rapid earning expansion, and M&A).  Kearney has a renewed focus to build leading-edge capabilities in areas that drive impact for their clients.

Alex Liu, Kearney’s 9th managing partner and chairman of the board, has an immense focus on clients, capabilities and the culture of the firm.  Alex Liu added, “We will be taking even bolder steps as we compete aggressively in today’s dynamic marketplace. We like being the challengers in the industry and will blaze an exciting path to reshape management consulting. In fact, that is precisely what clients are asking us to do.”

Elite council

A key plank of Kearney's reputation is its Global Business Policy Council (GBPC). Established by Paul Laudicina as a forum for corporate, government, and academic leaders to discuss relevant issues, Council members include world leaders and CEOs of major companies who meet regularly to anticipate and plan for the future, discussing global economic, political, social, and technological shifts.

Other details

In addition to offering advice and implementing solutions for clients, Kearney studies and tracks trends in a wide range of industries. Since 2001, the firm has released its annual Global Retail Development Index, which details retail trends and investment opportunities in established and developing markets worldwide.

Alex Liu, Kearney’s managing partner, has a unique vision when it comes to work – he believes that there should be more joy infused in the workplace. Alex has published a number of articles and research reports surrounding this concept, but the most innovative medium the firm has used is a podcast. The podcast, Joy@Work, is hosted by Alex Liu and discusses the power of joy at work with guests such as business leaders, influencers, and authors.

COVID-19 Update

During this unprecedented time, Kearney’s main priority has been the health and safety of our people and clients. As a firm, we’re embracing the “new normal” of virtual working environments with optimism, and remaining connected with all of our clients and communities to ensure they continue to feel supported. As this situation continues to develop, we are thankful for our strong culture and core values—generosity, solidarity, curiosity, boldness, and passion—which remain our continued inspiration and guidance during this time. We all recognize it is important to be supportive, kind, and empathetic to each other, now more than ever.

Recruiting has naturally been impacted by this pandemic, but it has affected each region differently. Our recruiting teams globally are assessing the situation and making decisions based on the local business climate in their respective regions. We encourage you to connect with your local recruiting team for more information or visit our website and click ‘Contact us’.

In the News

July 11, 2019

A.T. Kearney Research on In-Store Consumer Retail Technology Finds Retailers Missing Opportunity to Meet Customer Expectations Around In-Store Technology

“'Of necessity, brick and mortar retailers have had to maintain a relentless focus on keeping up with their pure-play counterparts in e-commerce, and so in-store technology has been the casualty of that single-mindedness. But now is the time for physical stores to step back, gain an understanding of their in-store technology options and develop pilots that support their specific business model.’”(Suketu Gandhi)

July 17, 2019

Making Joy a Priority at Work

“Right now… companies are making massive investments in technologies that can more closely link their people to each other, to customers, and to other stakeholders. Yet many companies struggle because their cultures get in the way – too many layers and silos, too many colleagues who prefer to stay in their comfort zones, bask in their KPIs, and resist new ways of connecting and working… joy can be a big part of the solution.”(Alex Liu)

June 24, 2019

A.T. Kearney: Get used to competing in the ‘digital disorder’ era

“To help companies prepare for the future digital era, A.T. Kearney’s Score framework presents a road map for strategic digital transformation.” (Dean Takahashi)

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