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“A strong leadership team and good colleagues.”

“Diversified project type and working with sincere and smart colleagues.”

“Project diversity, international opportunities, brilliant consultants.”


“Less competitive compensation compared to MBB.”

“Not enough people know RB.”

“Snail-paced promotion vs similar top-tier consulting firms.”

The Buzz

“A leading voice in the industry.”

“Automotive specialists.”

“High reputation in tax and accounting.”

About Roland Berger Asia

From its humble beginnings as a one-man consulting firm, Roland Berger has grown forcefully and developed a sizable global footprint. The market leader in Germany and the only native European consultancy to boast an international presence, its 2,700 employees today work from 52 offices spanning 35 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. The company provides a diverse array of consulting services to many of the world's largest corporations across a broad spread of industries, from automotive engineering, construction and chemicals to consumer goods, energy, environmental technology, financial services, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, public services, rail, telecommunications, travel and tourism.

One man, one vision

Roland Berger founded the firm in Munich in 1967, spreading into Italy and Brazil within a decade and passing a series of notable milestones on its journey to the present day. In 1980, it became the first European firm to be welcomed as a member of the U.S. Association of Consulting Management Engineers (ACME) – a remarkable achievement given that, for legal and ownership reasons (Deutsche Bank owned a majority stake in the company from 1988 to the late 1990s), Roland Berger did not gain a permanent foothold on the U.S. market until 1995.
The Asian market is a key pillar of Roland Berger's international expansion. Roland Berger was an early mover into some of the Asian-Pacific countries, especially China. Since its first project in China in 1983, the firm's story in the region has been one of growth. Opening offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo in the early 1990s, the firm has adapted to local market conditions in each area, helping its clients to address business issues in strategy, operations and corporate performance, and to achieve sustainable performance. That pattern of growth has continued in recent years, both in Greater China - where the firm's consulting headcount has been steadily expanding - and further into other Asian markets. Since 2010, the firm has opened ten new offices in the region. First up was Singapore in 2010, followed by Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Seoul, Mumbai, Bangkok, Pune and Yangon.

Well-researched and thought-provoking

Roland Berger is a prolific source of quality publications for both clients and the public at large. Besides the more than 100 books it has published, the firm's award-winning THINK ACT series, launched in 2014, combines insightful opinions with cutting-edge research and analysis on topics of relevance to business movers and shakers. Every year, the company also publishes numerous in-depth studies plus the PhD dissertations of its own professionals.

Giving back

In March 2008, Roland Berger used some €50 million of his own private resources to set up the Roland Berger Foundation, an organization that promotes human rights and dignity throughout the world. The Foundation gives a yearly award of up to €1 million to an individual or institution that helps to promote dignity and education. Furthermore, it supports gifted children and young people from socially disadvantaged families. The program currently provides scholarships to over 800 primary and secondary school students. In addition to this, the Foundation set up a support program for unaccompanied refugee minors.


In 2014, Roland Berger founded the digital business platform Terra NumerataTM to help companies proactively shape their own digitalization agenda. It consists of a network of partnerships, aimed at helping businesses fully enter the digital era and connecting the highly fragmented digital business landscape.

In the meantime Terra Numerata™ has grown into a global network of 100 partners today, including startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, data scientists, design thinking agencies, prototypers, developers, etc.. The goal is to bring together firms of different sizes from different segments to help them form alliances and push digital innovation, e.g. by inventing new business models, and thus support the digitalization. In the US, Roland Berger collaborates with Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IoT), to offer a robust portfolio of automotive consulting covering the full range of strategic, business, technology, and developmental requirements for automotive customers. Wind River provides software management and engineering support, Roland Berger delivers market insights, trend and business analyses to design innovative business models.

In the News

June 2020

Roland Berger celebrates Pride Week and installs Global Diversity Team
In June, Roland Berger offices around the world celebrated Pride Week with several initiatives and events. "Your support really helps creating awareness for the importance of equality and diversity at our firm," said Partner Tobias Schönberg, one of the founders of the firm's LGBTQ+ network "Just be". "It was also a great token of friendship and support for our Just be and Just be Friends networks."
Boosting pride and diversity is, of course, more than just annual events. It is an ongoing drive for visibility, equality, equity and inclusion of all. That's why Roland Berger installed a Global Diversity Team. The diverse group is made up of over 20 international colleagues from consultants to Partners and members of our HR teams. They will push the topic in our company and make it tangible and impactful in all our regions.

March 2020

Roland Berger elects new management team
Stefan Schaible is Roland Berger's new Global Managing Partner, Marcus Berret and Denis Depoux complete the new team of three Managing Directors whose four-year term will begin on April 1. Laurent Benarousse, Sascha Haghani, Yvonne Ruf and René Seyger will join Rob Henske as members of the Supervisory Board. The new members' five-year term will also commence at the beginning of April.

December 2019

Roland Berger's Think:Act magazine wins Gold
Roland Berger's already highly decorated client publication, Think:Act Magazine, has beaten the competition in yet another awards race. As editor-in-chief Neelima Mahajan reports, Think:Act Magazine has won two awards at the International Creative Media Awards 2019. Roland Berger was bestowed the awards for the issue "Breaking the rules" in these categories:
- Best B2B magazine (Gold in this category)
- Best-of-Show-award (best magazine across all categories). 
This brings the 2019 award tally to three, which includes Silver in the Best of Content Marketing Awards earlier this year, and the total award tally in the last three years up to five.  

May 2019

Travelling 2,000 kilometers to show support
In May, some of the Greater China colleagues set out on a trip of 2,000 kilometers from Shanghai to Longping, a tiny village tugged away in the mountains of Yunnan Province. Visiting Longping was the most recent activity of a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative set up by the Greater Chinese office last year. Since English teachers are scarce in the remote region, Roland Berger colleagues step in as online English tutors for the children attending the village school. Since 2018 the colleagues have been teaching English classes via remote video connection. In addition, consultants paired up with individual students to give them one-on-one tutoring on weekends by phone or GQ or Wechat. In this way, they guide the kids into the world of English from the very beginning. The program has developed into a friendship not only with the children and the school but with the village at large.

February 2019

Government of Malaysia and Roland Berger unlock the economic potential of an ageing population
By 2030, Malaysia will have become an ageing country, with over 15% of its population over 60 years of age. The country's government tasked the Roland Berger Kuala Lumpur office with developing a plan to safeguard the future inclusion and employment of the elderly, with the intent of increasing the productivity of senior citizens. The 'National Strategic Development Plan on Ageing Population' was presented to the Deputy Prime Minister and received praise from top politicians. The team will start implementing their findings soon. 

February 2019

Roland Berger launches new employer branding campaign
With the new campaign 'Be the Original You.' the firm wants to emphasize that "at Roland Berger, we value diverse personalities – in terms of background, talent and strengths. With us, you can stay who you are…" said Kathrin Kammer, Head of HR Marketing & Recruiting. Not only does the campaign feature real Roland Berger employees, but also speaks directly to the candidates: To foster a range of interests in addition to their careers, enjoy contributing their unique perspectives and live entrepreneurship by taking on responsibility from day one.

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Roland Berger Asia

23rd Floor, Jing An Kerry Center
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Phone: +86-21-5298-6677

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Senior Partner, CEO Germany & Central Europe: Stefan Schaible
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Japan: Satoshi Nagashima
Senior Partner, Member of the Global Executive Committee, CEO Germany and Dach Region: Sascha Haghani
2020 Employees (All Locations): 2,700

Major Office Locations

Munich (Global HQ)
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
New Delhi
52 offices in 35 countries worldwide

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