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Recent News

"New Leadership at Simon-Kucher & Partners," January 23, 2020

New Leadership at Simon-Kucher & Partners: Mark Billige and Dr. Andreas von der Gathen have taken over as the new CEOs of the global consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners. Company revenue increased by 16 percent year-over-year to 401 million US Dollars (358 million euros). Future growth activities will focus on North America and Asia.

"Healthcare Industry Lost in the Digitalization Jungle," November 20, 2019

Digitalization is spreading to more and more areas of the healthcare industry, and revenue expectations are high. However, the latest Digital Health Trend Study published by the global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners shows that digital transformation is progressing slowly, and firms are often unsure which direction to move in. Fifty-nine percent of pharma, medtech, and consumer healthcare companies still lack a fully defined digital strategy. It is also remarkable that such a high number of approaches exist for implementing company-wide digital strategies. Chosen investment areas and methods to define strategies are the aspects that vary most.

"Study: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Each Present Distinct Opportunities for Both Consumers and Retailers," November 14, 2019

A recent study conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global strategy and marketing consulting firm, revealed that there is still a dichotomy in how consumers approach Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday. Sixty percent of Black Friday shoppers browse through offerings in the hopes that they find the best deals, whatever they may be. Alternatively, 50 percent of Cyber Monday shoppers seem more intent on checking predetermined items off their lists, saying they are focused on purchasing specific products.


Recent content (whitepapers/ articles/ videos)

Book: A Practical to Pricing

Ever wondered how to set the right prices for your products and services? Intelligently managing price structures and levels is the most important topic to secure business success. Get it right and you will thrive. Get it wrong and risk permanent damage to your business.

Adapted from the popular online article series, Pricing Basics, this practical guide discusses the many reasons why pricing is important, and share expert insights and tips for overcoming the top pricing challenges. You will learn all about how to pick a winning strategy from the beginning, tap into the new opportunities brought about by digitalization, use psychological aspects of pricing to design a well differentiated offering, and much more. Pricing is a game of intelligence. Ready to start playing it? Then download A Practical Guide to Pricing now:  Download here

Blog: How to use psychological pricing

Ever wondered why prices end in 99? You can find “99” price tags everywhere, from on your sandwich at the bakery to your monthly gym subscription. Companies can harness many advantages of psychological pricing to make prices more attractive to customers – which mechanisms to use often depend on the product and business. Read our collection of psychological pricing here: Learn more

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As a global company, we are happy that our employees are a diverse team of extraordinary individuals. We speak over 40 languages and come from over 36 different nationalities, so most of your colleagues will have very different backgrounds. Watch video