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Life at CapTech

Who you work with can matter as much as the work you do. The typical cutthroat, ego-driven vibe you often find in consulting doesn’t live here. Instead, five core values — from servant leadership to flexibility — guide the culture at CapTech. Your colleagues will be smart, passionate, driven individuals who energize every endeavor — and care about doing what’s right.

At CapTech, you’ll collaborate with leadership and other consultants, working together as equals — not competitors. By encouraging everyone to seize tomorrow in ways that matter to them, at work and elsewhere in life, we’ve become a professional destination for entire careers, rather than a jumping-off point.

Diversity and Inclusion

Across CapTech, we value diversity in each sense of the word: In people. In perspectives. In technology. In thought.

Different ideas, opinions, and life experiences do more than benefit our teams. They also lead to innovation, creativity, and better client results. Here, we invite everyone to embrace new ways of being and working, so we can transform what’s possible in business — and grow and advance together.

We also recognize that fostering diversity takes ongoing commitment, and we have to ensure our employee and client makeup truly reflect our values. So, we’re working to increase diversity at every level. One of the ways we prioritize these efforts is through our Diversity & Inclusion Group that focuses on expanding how we think and who we reach. Comprised of CapTechers from across offices and roles, they lead our mission forward and keep our efforts at the forefront of what’s possible.

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People Matter

CapTech is home to go-getters who want to transform what’s possible for their careers and their lives. We’re a team of master builders, creators, and problem solvers who help clients grow efficient, successful businesses. We unite diverse skills and perspectives to transform how data, systems, and ingenuity enable our clients to advance in a changing world. Here, you control your own destiny. Rather than leadership defining your career growth — you do.

From the start, you can take ownership of your future. You’re free to cultivate your curiosity and explore new ways to solve clients’ challenges — all while developing your expertise. You’ll collaborate with leadership and other consultants, working together as equals — not competitors. You’ll also gain a mentor program and coaching culture that partners you with CapTech leaders to help guide your professional development.

Flat Organizational Structure

We believe that every person has equal importance, from our clients to our CapTechers. So, rather than push the traditional top-down approach to business — which fails to recognize talent and stifles innovation — we embrace an open environment.

In our corporate structure and client relationships, we encourage everyone to share their voice and contribute. Here, employees have the freedom to thrive and the ability to share their talents across projects and offices. And clients gain collaborative, straightforward relationships that help them succeed in a constantly fluctuating world.

Work/Life Balance

Since CapTech’s founding, we’ve built our growth on an unwavering belief: To provide lasting value, we need to deliver great work — and support great lives.

Our culture avoids the traditional vertical climb and soul-crushing hours you might find elsewhere in consulting. Instead, we grow our careers on our own interests and drive — while meeting ongoing performance benchmarks and goals. Whether someone’s an intern or a principal, everyone has the chance to make an impact and take their career where they want to go.

We also encourage everyone to enjoy their lives outside of work. So, we embrace an environment that encourages personal and professional development, without sacrificing one for the other. We take vacations, spend time with our families, and pursue our passions — and we deliver the highest-level work when we’re on the job.

Core Values

Our core values:

  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Servant Leadership

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We’re here to deliver the business outcomes our partners desire, rather than sell them a development approach. We have expertise in all of the most effective agile frameworks — SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, and beyond. And while rigid methodologies may make sense on paper, from our experience, the real world’s complexities require more flexible, open development. A blended approach is often the key to successful delivery, so we train our developers, engineers, and project managers on a breadth of frameworks. And we encourage them to find the best practices for each client’s specific goals and technical requirements.

To offer our consultants the opportunity to diversify their skills and gain exposure to emerging technologies, we have launched internal Innovation Tech Challenge competitions as a complement to our existing mentoring, training, and development programs.

The Innovation Tech Challenges are available to anyone, at any level of our organization. In these events, diverse teams come together including project managers, technical leads, developers, and subject matter experts of various skillsets and skill levels across all technical practice areas. These collaborations create innovative solutions and develop next-generation technologies and capabilities.

Commitment to Community

Giving back to our communities is at CapTech’s core. As servant leaders, we are a perceptive partner for our clients — and also for the communities we call home. Since our founding, we’ve invested in an array of programs that lift up those around us, such as:

  • Improving educational systems
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Enabling entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Developing solutions that support people in need

We encourage CapTechers to be active, involved members of local and national nonprofits — because we believe that great lives include giving back to causes we care about. So each year, our company and our people donate their time and money to help strengthen the communities we work and live in. We contribute financially and with pro-bono services to causes that align with our giving mission and empower communities to transform what’s possible.