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Interviewing with Clarkston

Hiring Process Overview:

1 – Submit Application: Your resume should be an honest reflection of your experience and capabilities. Show how you have been impactful in roles rather than a list of tasks. Share what your specific career goals are and what interests you about Clarkston.

2 – Application Review: Your resume will be reviewed by our team. If your background aligns with Clarkston’s needs, a recruiter will contact you directly. Due to volume, not every applicant will receive a personal response if they do not meet Clarkston’s expectations.

3 – Recruiter Phone Screen: If your experiences are a good fit for a current role, you will have an in-depth phone interview with a recruiter to learn more about your interests.

4 – Subject Matter Expert Interview: Next in the process you will have an interview with a subject matter expert to assess your skills for the specific position.

5 – Final Interview: If your skills align, you will be invited for a final interview either at a Clarkston office or virtually to meet with several stewards and a partner.

6 – Next Steps: A recruiter will reach out to you with next steps. If your skillset isn’t a fit for the current role, we invite you to stay connected on our careers site and social media.

Interview Guidelines:

  • Learn About Clarkston - Check out our website and social media feeds to speak comfortably about Clarkston.
  • Research Your Interviewer(s) - Look on LinkedIn for common experiences, interests, or educational background and see if you have mutual connections.
  • Prepare Answers - Be ready to discuss in detail your career history, technical or functional expertise, industry knowledge, and educational background.
  • Interview Attire - Clarkston welcomes and embraces a wide array of personalities, styles, and backgrounds. The most important aspect to consider when dressing for your interview is to find clothing and a style that makes you feel comfortable and represents who you are, while maintaining a level of professionalism. Below are a few images to spark ideas.
  • Additional Tips - Natural hair and makeup are welcomed. Neutral clothing with a pop of color or pattern, that’s not too distracting, can be a good way to show your personality and professional brand.

Interested in learning more about life at Clarkston Consulting? Our stewards will walk you through their career journey here.