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Casino Managers


Before the Industrial Revolution, most businesses did not have managers. Instead business owners would handle tasks including overseeing, planning, controlling, and running the day to day activities of businesses.

After the rise of the Industrial Revolution, however things changed. Business owners began to depend on others and started using managers to run their businesses. By the 1900’s the term management began to be used extensively.

Every business today needs a good management team and casinos are no exception. The management team is important to the success and profitability of the casino operation.  

Historically, it is interesting to note that gambling was outlawed in the United States in the early 20thcentury. In 1931, however, the Nevada State legislature legalized gambling again for economic purposes. This move led to legalized casinos in Nevada turning Las Vegas into the gambling capital of the U.S. In 1978 gambling was also legalized in Atlantic City, New Jersey, creating a cluster of casinos there as well. As gambling increased in popularity, more and more states legalized it. Bit by bit, casinos sprung up throughout the country.

In 1988, the federal government passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The passing of that act meant that Native American tribes, acting as political entities, were allowed to operate gaming establishments without having to adhere to state regulations. Indian gaming establishments began sprouting up throughout the country in various forms ranging from bingo halls, to casinos offering slot machines, and other traditional forms of casino gambling.

Gaming is big business. There are many casinos for people to visit. Casino owners realized long ago, that most casinos offer similar amenities: gambling, entertainment, and food. The difference between one casino and the next is the people who work there and the corporate culture. Casino managers often make the difference in the ultimate success of the facility. Through their ability to see the big picture, casino managers have the ability to work with others to accomplish what needs to be done.