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Cosmetics Sales Representatives


As long ago as 3000 B.C., Egyptian priests prepared cosmetics for their kings. Their toiletries and other luxuries were entombed with them. When the tombs of these long-dead kings were excavated in modern times, vases of scented ointments were found, some still holding their fragrant contents. From the kings the use of cosmetics spread. Egyptian women painted their eyebrows, eyelids, and lashes black with the cosmetic kohl. Cosmetics were made of such naturally occurring substances as sesame oil, olive oil, floral and herbal scents, ingredients that were available to use in simple preparations. Henna was used to color the body or hair red. White lead or chalk was used to whiten the complexion. From the Middle East and the Mediterranean, the use of cosmetics spread through the Greeks to the Roman Empire and throughout Europe. The change from simple preparations of natural ingredients to the modern industry began in France toward the end of the 19th century. The development of new techniques in manufacturing, packaging, advertising, and marketing has spread cosmetics—and their representatives—around the world.

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