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Cosmetics Sales Representatives

The Job

Cosmetics sales representatives help customers choose particular products appropriate to them. Cosmetics sales reps may consider the condition of the hair, the skin, and the coloring to recommend the cosmetics that will achieve the results desired by the customer. They also introduce the client to new products or techniques. These reps are usually women, but men also pursue this career.

Beauty advisers who work in department or specialty stores usually work full time. They are hired by the store and the cosmetics company, both of which provide ongoing training and education. They display, restock, and sell products, attend meetings to learn about new campaigns for different seasons and holidays, attend training sessions, and meet the attendance and performance goals set by the store and by the cosmetics company.

Cosmetics sales representatives who work for such companies as Avon or Mary Kay are not employees but independent contractors who usually work part time. The goal remains to sell the products, and this job is appealing to those who want to supplement their incomes while keeping their hours flexible. Avon representatives usually distribute fliers or brochures within a specified territory. They take orders by phone, e-mail, or in person. Mary Kay also facilitates its salespeople to set up individual sales Web sites to sell their products. The orders are delivered to the rep, who then delivers them to the customer and collects the money. Mary Kay also uses fliers to advertise products, and additionally offers services such as skin care classes and facials.

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