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Directors of Casino Security


Years ago, casino security and surveillance was not as complex as it is now. The security staff was not as highly trained. The surveillance department didn’t have the sophisticated cameras, biometric systems, and other systems to track everything that was happening in the casino every minute of the day. In those days, surveillance in casinos was done on catwalks in the ceiling above the casino floor.

Today the surveillance department operates and oversees the closed circuit television system known as the "eye in the sky," and the security department is comprised of trained professionals who work in conjunction with the surveillance team patrolling the casino floor and property to prevent theft and other crimes.

Any time there is a large amount of money, there is always the temptation for people to commit crime, whether it be staff, customers, or criminals who enter the casino to commit crimes. Casino security protects the casino and casino hotel’s money, property, patrons, and employees from crime, theft, and inappropriate behavior.

Many people feel that casinos are one of the safest places in the world to visit. Because legalized gaming must adhere to strict state and government regulations and in order to keep things legal and safe, most casinos have very extensive security and surveillance departments.

While many think these two departments are the same, there are tremendous differences. The surveillance department consists of officers who are generally not seen by those outside of the surveillance department. Additionally surveillance officers are not usually known or visible to other employees of the casino. They usually work in an isolated area of the casino observing the casino gaming area in other surroundings via closed circuit cameras.

The security department, on the other hand, is visible. While there may be a number of security officers who are non-uniformed or in plain clothes, the department mainly consists of large numbers of security officers who are uniformed and identifiable in the casino.