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Fashion Stylists


Photo styling has existed since the first photographs were taken. Someone, whether it is a photographer, an assistant, a studio worker, a designer, or an editor, has to make sure all the elements within the frame are arranged in a certain way. Hair and makeup stylists in the film and publishing industries were probably the first to gain recognition (and credit). In fact, most people still associate "styling" exclusively with hair and makeup work, without fully appreciating the contribution of other stylists to the finished photo or film. To this day, photo styling credits are only occasionally listed in fashion and advertising spreads, but that trend is changing. Society is becoming more visually oriented, and the contributions made by stylists are becoming more important. Stylists are gaining the respect of people within the film, television, and print industries. Some photographer/stylist teams are as well known for their collaborative work as are actors and directors. After toiling in relative obscurity for many years, photo stylists (including those who work in the specialty of fashion styling) are emerging as powerful voices in industry and in society.

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