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Media Relations Specialists


Similar to public relations, media relations is rooted in the 19th century, when newspapers began running positive articles about businesses that advertised in the paper to encourage future advertising. By the early 20th century, literary bureaus were established to contrive these articles, and publicity agents began surfacing in large cities. However, the articles began to undermine the newspapers' objectivity, and the practice was soon halted in the United States.

The link between media relations and newspapers endured, however, through reporters who were willing to use language's effects on public image to present a company or organization in a positive light. By the end of World War II, government agencies and politicians followed business's example by hiring public relations specialists to help deliver information to the press and to advise them on their appearances at press conferences and interviews.

Media relations are now an essential function of public relations. Virtually every public relations agency either employs media relations specialists or assigns media relations duties for each client to account executives. Likewise, most large companies and organizations have someone in charge of media relations. Monitoring and responding to opinions and news posted on social media has also become essential in media relations.

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