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Excella Extension Center Program
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About Excella Extension Center Program


Excella’s Extension Center is a campus-based program that runs year-round.  The program assembles diverse teams of student software engineers under the mentorship of senior technologists.  The interns work part-time in the Center providing remote software development and support to clients in the federal, commercial, and non-profit sectors.

Intern teams work on projects developing software and growing their skills in C#, .NET, Java, Python, and Ruby. Interns also learn database skills, Agile software development practices, and test-driven development principles, in addition to professional business habits.


Latest News

Beginning in 2020, Excella’s Extension Center will become the Exelaration Center as a unit of NextUp Solutions, a new company spun off from Excella.  Exelaration will build custom technology intern teams for corporate and non-profit organizations beyond Excella.  Recognizing the compelling opportunity to build a job-ready technology workforce for every company, Excella leadership saw the opportunity to share its mentor-based internship model by evolving to Exelaration Centers.  According to NextUp Solutions CEO Steve Cooper, “Every barrier to having an internship program just disappeared; no company should be without a renewable tech talent pipeline that starts on campus.”

For interns and employers alike, this is great news: more opportunities to grow relevant job skills with different projects, technologies, industries and employers.  Companies who thought a world-class internship program was out of reach have begun partnering with Exelaration to build their future workforce, using their own software development projects as the learning vehicle.  Employers and interns have opportunities to interact and learn about one another prior to graduation, increasing future retention and job satisfaction.

The company plans to establish Exelaration Centers at other universities beyond its headquarters in Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center.


Program Details

Intern schedules are flexible to accommodate classes, study time and other commitments. In the summer, interns can work full-time on campus to further their skills and experience.

Each Exelaration Center arms interns with skills and habits that go beyond software development: the office is professional, and interns are expected to dress and conduct themselves in business-like fashion.  Interns are provided with equipment to complete their work and are required to come to the office for their scheduled work time.  Interns receive performance reviews annually as a professional development tool.

Interns are paid for their work with rates based on class year and program. Interns are paid bi-weekly based on hours submitted via timesheet.

Duration of the Exelaration Center program is ongoing until graduation. The summer program is 12 weeks.


Minimum academic requirements include a high school diploma, a current and sustained 3.0 or higher GPA and enrollment at a university where we are located.

Candidates should have no more than 15 credit hours of coursework.

Students accepted into the program are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

The program accepts students as early as freshman year and as late as senior year.

Minimum age is 16 years old.

There is no requirement for a driver’s license. Excella Extension Centers are located on campus to take advantage of campus transportation options or walk/bike-ability.

Typical candidates are computer science, engineering and/or business information technology majors but all technology-related majors are welcome if there is a passion for software development.

Key traits for a successful candidate include a passion for people and problem-solving as well as excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Candidates should have completed some programming coursework or have equivalent experience/exposure on their own.

The Extension Center requires a permanent right to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Excella seeks to hire diverse candidates and encourages all eligible candidates to apply.

Why Intern Here

Who We Are

We are technologists. Problem solvers and collaborators, teachers and leaders, creative minds and analytical thinkers. We share a passion for solving the unsolvable and making people’s lives easier.

Excella Extension Center Program

Margaret Archer
2000 Kraft Drive
Suite 2000
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: 703-840-8600


Number of Interns: Varies
Compensation/Benefits: Paid
Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
Hours: Part-time
Academic Level: College Juniors, College Seniors
Minimum GPA Preferred: 3.00-3.49


Arlington, VA
Blacksburg, VA