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“Well worth investment”

Exceptional alumni network

Hands-on academics

Family friendly, tight-knit community


Remote location (and cold winters) are not for everyone. However, it is one of the main drivers of the tight community


Increased focus on innovation, global experiences and diversity of the class

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“Simply, the best.”

Sense of community among the classmates, professors, administrators, and alumni -- people have a real sense of optimism that together we can achieve more. Also, there are seemingly unlimited resources, but only to be shared among ~600 students... so if you want to go abroad, the school can help with a scholarship; if you want to start an investment fund, the alumni can provide funding; if you want to take a road less traveled, the school will find you a way to get what you want.


Weaknesses are generally a reflection of strengths; if you are looking for a school that has a big city for you to explore, etc. then Tuck may not be for you. That said, because of its more remote location, Tuckies form bonds that none of my friends at schools in bigger cities could ever claim... which is another reason connections between the students and its alumni are so strong. A special type of person chooses and excels at Tuck, and talent recognizes/respects talent.


If you have the profile to get in to any of the top MBA programs, then you should really not be making a decision to attend any of the schools on job prospects; the job market for folks from these schools is REALLY strong - at Tuck you literally have recruiters from McKinsey, Goldman, et al calling you to ask if you'd consider submitting an application.

Therefore, what you should really be considering when you decide between these schools is (and most likely in this order):

1) culture of the school and classmates

2) rigor of the academic program

3) access to professors

4) ferocity of the alumni-base

These schools represent a HUGE investment. What should matter is whether you are going to enjoy the time/money you are spending... whether you are actually learning new things / being pushed to expand your academic horizons... whether you are able to make lasting relationships with the best thinkers in their field... and whether alumni will go out of their way to help you stand out and access opportunities unavailable to most.

Personally, I can only think of a handful of schools that really have the total package the way Tuck has in these areas that most matter.

- The school has an insanely generous culture; "community" is the first word anyone uses to describe it... heck, people lovingly call it "Camp Tuck"

- Academically you will be pushed to understand every aspect of business within a class of high achievers -- being taught by more Thinkers 50 ranked professors than just about any MBA program

- These same professors will not only grab a beer with you after class, but will invite you to their homes for dinner with their family

- And... when it comes to alumni - the best stat is that more than 70% of alumni give back to the school annually... when the rate at the other top schools hovers at no more than 20%.

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